The Team

This is the Guelph Public Library Project Team; all first semester students at the University of Guelph, and all ready to tackle the many issues of modern libraries and their place in this city.

GPL-Project-Team-2Alphabetically: Benjamin, Emily, Emma M., Emma S., Gillian, Hamid, Jesse, Jessica, Kyle, Mohit, Peter, Raphaela, Rohan, Ryan, Sarah, Tejal, Yilin, and Zakaria.

Michael Ridley
Michael Ridley

Michael Ridley, Instructor (and Librarian). My role is to guide students through the complex issues of libraries, civic development, critical assessment, and effective communication.

Clearly I have an obvious bias – I’m a librarian and I regularly advocate for library issues. Can I be objective about this issue? The learning community we create with this course will be the test. It will be the students who will assess my objectivity.

This course is part of the First Year Seminar (FYS) program at the University of Guelph. The purpose of the course, and the entire FYS program, is to allow students to explore interdisciplinary ideas and to develop the skills necessary to be successful students at Guelph.

We encourage you to follow this website and to engage with the Project Team. Use the hashtag #GuelphLibProject to follow discussions on Twitter and to contribute your own ideas. And add comments to anything you see here. A critical part of this project is your voice.

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