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Guelph has been talking about a new downtown public library for years. Many years. Sometimes it seems imminent; sometimes it seems unlikely. Why the long debate? Why the uncertainty about a decision? Do we really need a new library?

That’s what we want to discover.

The Guelph Public Library’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Customer Service Pledge describe how the Library understands its role and the value it brings to the community. In part, we will want to test this against the views of the users and non-users of the Library.

On February 16, 2015, when the city learned that Conestoga College was unlikely to be a partner in the Baker Street development that is central to a new public library, Mayor Cam Guthrie had this to say:

Cam Guthrie, Mayor, City of Guelph
Cam Guthrie, Mayor, City of Guelph

“You already have five different (library) locations in the city, you have a huge library at the University of Guelph, pretty much every public school in town has libraries. I just think that before the city commits to any huge costs associated with a new library, this really heartfelt discussion needs to happen about what is the future of libraries and how is it going to best fit into that future.”

The Guelph Library Project agrees with the Mayor. Libraries are expensive, there are other libraries in the city, and libraries are changing, dramatically. We want to nurture that “heartfelt discussion” he is calling for so the members of the Guelph community can identify “the best fit.”

What the Project discovers will tell us a lot about libraries and the Guelph community.

We encourage you to follow this website and to engage with the Project Team. Use the hashtag #GuelphLibProject to follow discussions on Twitter and to contribute your own ideas. And add comments to anything you see here. A critical part of this project is your voice.

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