Politicians (Mayor, Counsellors, Federal MP, Provincial MPP)

Possible Questions:

What is the opportunity cost of building a new library? What else can/should the money be used for?

What is your opinion of Guelph’s plan to build a new library? Do you agree with this idea?

Why has it been a 20 year process to decide if Guelph needs a new public library?

What will it take for you as a politician to see if Guelph Public Library needs a new downtown location?

Do you feel the current library satisfies people in Guelph?

What do you think are the pros and cons of building a new library? How would a new library affect the city?

Other than cost, are there any other drawbacks delaying the decision to build a new public library?

Are there more important investments (e.g. instead of the library) the city needs to make?

Engaging Politicians:

Individual, face to face interviews; do audio recordings for use on the website and the proposed radio.