Non-Users of the Library

Non-Users of the Library

Possible Questions:

Why don’t you use the current Guelph library?

What could be added to the new library that would make you use it?

What deterrents keep you out of the library?

What kind of relationship do you have with the Library? Do you have a Library card? If so, why (this is an identified “non-user”)

If there was a new Guelph Public Library would you be more interested in using its services?

What would have to change about the Guelph Public Library in order for you to start using it?

If Guelph decided to build a new library that also included a community centre, would that attract you to use it?

When I say …”21st century library”, what comes to mind?

Is the conventional idea of a library (a place for books) still important to you?

Is the public library and important part of your community? Why or why not?

Engaging Non-Users:

An online survey using Guelph focused social media; in person surveys in malls or other popular civic locations; a hard demographic to locate and engage.