Chief Librarians from Other Cities

Chief Librarians from Other Cities

Possible Questions:

How is management and library staff expertise affected when a new library is built (i.e. new services or resources require new skills)?

How have libraries changed during your career?

What was included in your library that have increased its effectiveness?

How did you (or could you) get the community to invest in a new library?

What is your opinion of the current downtown public library in Guelph?

Why is the Toronto Public Library still expanding (e.g. new branches)?

How have the changes/improvements made to your city’s library affected the community?

What is it about your library that makes it successful? Are there weaknesses you would like to address?

Engaging Chief Librarians:

Telephone/Skype interviews; record for future use (website/radio documentary); possibly a group chat; have the chief librarians discuss ideas amongst themselves.