The Importance of Libraries

On many levels libraries are important to different people and age groups. for instance, Canada has a growing migrant population which the government urges people to get involved by sending them to libraries. This causes people to educate themselves and catch up in the loop of things such as using a computer or improving their  english by reading books. Opportunities like these provide people with a sense of belonging and happiness because many options are availble at libraries that not only provide resources, but a chance to increase knowledge for free. In the end, it is highly relevant that libraries delivers a sense of community and bring diverse people together in order to read, learn or disscuss all topics of life in a place where people should feel at home.

Zakaria Ali

The Importance of Libraries to Me

As a kid I remember going to the library quite a bit as aside from half day pre school it was a place to have children become socialized. During High School, I found myself using my library at least once a week. I always found studying with friends helped me, as I can hear about their thoughts on the subject and if they got anything different out of the lectures then I did. The library became a place for my friends and I to share these ideas in a distraction free zone. The study rooms became our homes in Grade 12 and that’s where we would make all our notes for our exams and discuss them, and even do our everyday homework. Without the library I wouldn’t have been as productive as I was.  The library will always be a place I know I can focus and concentrate in and that’s why it is important to me.

-Emma MacDonald

The Importance of Libraries

The library that I came to know the most as a resident of Burlington, Ontario didn’t happen to be a public library. It was my high schools library, located on the second floor at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School. This library was important to me primarily because of the atmosphere that came along with being there. This quite atmosphere allowed me to relax at stressful times of my life, which effectively allowed me to do better in my academics. I didn’t necessarily study frequently there or use its plentiful resources, my singular reason for visiting the schools library was to gather my thoughts. For this reason, I have a lot of respect for libraries as it truly had a significantly positive impact on my mental well-being.





The Importance of My Home Town Library

My home town is Orangeville, and there is only one library there, so it happens to be my favourite by default. Although I haven’t been there in about 8 years, I remember exactly what it’s like based on how much I went there when I was younger. It was definitely my favourite place during my childhood. There was a lot of children’s events there, including story time and arts and crafts that I loved. It didn’t matter what I was doing there, it was an amazing place to be for me. Other then school, I feel like it was the place where I learned the most, and not only in an educational sense. As I was getting old enough to make my own plans as a kid, my friends and I  found it as a great place to find any book we wanted, and hung out there a few times. However I don’t have as many memories during that time, as I lost interest in it quickly by becoming more interested in more technological “activities”. Although I know longer find myself amazed by it, it’s still a very welcoming and comfortable place to be, and I’m sure I’ll keep my memories of it for years.


Being in the busiest part of Orangeville, is often to home to many exciting community events, not just pertaining to young children, and definitely a vital part of our community in that sense. I know there are some people, like all communities, who find the library old and outdated, but there are also a great number of community members who admire it, not only for the aforementioned community event hotspot that it is, but also for the tradition and prestige that it holds as one of Orangeville’s oldest. Overall, it is definitely an important part of my home town community as a whole.


The Importance of a Library

My hometown library is the Mississauga Central Library and growing up my parents used to take me there all the time. As a child I did not know much about what a library actually was, I just thought of it as a place where I get to listen to people reading out these stories. As I became older my view on libraries changed I began to realize that the library was more than a place to borrow books, it was a place where communities can celebrate events together. At my local library all events are held there, they had fireworks, barbeques and even concerts for our community.

Libraries can also be useful when you want to get some studying done, it is a quiet place where lots of students go to work in groups and finish projects or to study by themselves for a exam that was coming up. Libraries give people a sense of community, that they belong there. The library is also a great place for research, not everyone has the luxury of having internet in their homes and the library offers that to the public.

I think people should always have that sense of community and libraries offer exactly that. The library has a lot of resources, books, computers, comfy chairs and a place to study. Libraries definitely have a importance in todays society.


How I Feel About Libraries

To me, aBramalea Library library is a place where one can access information, entertainment, and social interactions all for free. I find that the concept was similar to modern day internet without the physical aspect of actually being present in a library space. When I needed information for school or just general day to day curiosity, the library was the place to access everything I would have needed. Simply going to the front desk and asking about my topic would send me in the right direction to find what I would need. When I was bored, the library was a place where I could access entertainment in a variety of forms. Whether it would have been novels, audio recordings, movies and games, everything was easily accessible and free. When it came to social interactions, there were always groups of people with like minds who would  either have been at the library during general hours or during special events arranged specifically for the purpose of meeting and interacting with like minded people. Going to these events were great for both meeting new people and making new friends.

        However, most of these examples took place in the past. Due to the introduction of modern internet and the vast amounts of information, entertainment and even virtual social interactions one can access instantly from their own home, the likelyhood of me visiting a library has diminished to a great extent as libraries are basically the same as they were in the past. However, the one thing that the internet does not have which a library does is the physical aspect of being in a library space. If I need to study, the library allows me to do so in a quiet environment with access to all the learning tools I would need. If I felt like reading, the library is one of the best places for me to go due to its quiet environment and relaxing atmosphere. Also, depending which events are taking place, sometimes I would prefer physically going to them at the library rather than entertaining myself using the internet.

        In the end, I do feel as though the library and the internet are generally the same concept, however, their popularity has been affected greatly due to time. Before the internet was readily accessible, libraries had taken a great deal of the spotlight since they provided everything I had mentioned and more easily and for free. However, after becoming more accessible, the internet, in my opinion, has shifted the need from the library as it provides almost everything faster and easier than a library can. Yet again, I do not feel as though libraries have lost their purpose, they still hold an important role of hosting a physical area for free accessibility to information, entertainment and social interactions, but, until they are changed to better suit the electronic age, I do not think that their facilities will catch my attention enough to stray me from the internet.



The Role of the Library

My hometown library is The Aurora Public library located in the heart of downtown Aurora, Ontario. The Aurora Public library is definitely a popular place for the residents of Aurora, no matter what time of the year. A big part of Auroran`s using the public library has to do with the atmosphere itself. The library is a fairly new, large 2-story building with a modern feel to it. The ages of people that attend the library vary from toddlers to elderly people. This library has events for all ages, job fairs, and other events that bring people in the town together.

Aurora Public Library

The Aurora public library has played a very positive role in my life once I reached high school and school became important. I used this library to complete assignments with few distractions and to study in groups during exam times. The library was a perfect environment to get out and be productive with my schoolwork. I truly do believe the Aurora public library service allowed me to achieve my personal goals and had me succeed high school and be lucky enough to attend the University of Guelph. Who knows if I could of got here by studying at home with numerous distractions? The library is important special place in child learning development, and is essential to higher education and greater knowledge. The library is a place to get out and enjoy the service it provides with other members within a community and that’s why I believe they are significant today.





The Importance of a Library

A library is a place that has a lot of meaning behind it, and I have learned a lot about it since I was a younger child. It has not only been an important place for me to go to over the past couple years but for the majority of my life. Ever since I was a smaller child I started off using the library a place to go read all my favourite childhood books, attend movie night, and just a place to get away from home. I mean going anywhere with some sort of entertainment at a young age is something you want to do. That “fun” place for me to attend was the library. As I got older I grew an understanding on how to use all of the resources the library offered. Weather it was taking out a book I needed to read for a school project or just to go use the computers there to research random stuff in my interest. As the years kept going by I entered high school, this is where the library became a very big part of my academic life. Over the four years of high school the library was a place not only to find primary and secondary research for my projects, but a place to get away and study and just to be in peace. It was always a go to when exam time was around and when i just needed some time to get away and get work done. It for sure played a very big part in helping me succeed in my academics. The aurora public library was my hometown library which is a very big library with many different spots to sit and hangout. This is a key factor to why I would attend and helped that there was always room for me to sit and relax whenever I went. Any library in general is very important, it plays a big role in a lot of people lives. It gives people the opportunity for anyone to have a place to go to and get away, and also gives people all the resources they need. This goes to show how important it is because a library can be used by someone at any age. Overall a library means a lot to me, it has played a big part in my life and many others and provides a great amount of opportunity for anyone who wants to use it. A library is nothing but a positive factor towards any town.


My Hometown Public Library

I am from the great city of Hamilton and my hometown/favorite library is named Terryberry LibraryTerryberry-5. My hometown library has been a memorable part of my childhood. When I was really young (around 4 years old) my parents home-schooled me and on some days, my mom would take me on a trip to the library. I was always excited to go to the library, because it meant that I would get a new book to read or a VHS tape to watch (Magic School Bus anyone?) By taking me on these trips my mom made the library appear to be a place of seemingly unlimited stories and excitement. As I got older, my visits to the library shortened. However, when I was in my last few years high school, the library was reintroduced to me as a place not only for VHS tapes or Dr. Seuss books but a place where I could study, work on projects, hang out or find any type of resource that would be hard to find or access anywhere else. I am certain that in the future, libraries will continue to be a place of enlightenment, literacy and excitement for anyone who visits, just like it is for me.

  • H. Dwyer

Why the Library is Important to Me


When I was young, the library was a place my parents would take me to so I could take out books and participate in community activities. I remember the library being a fun place that I always looked forward to. As I have gotten older, the role the library plays in my life has changed. In my hometown of Oakville, the main library is attached to the glen abbey recreational centre, making it a fairly busy place. As a result, there is often few silent areas to study or just sit and read a book. I believe this library would better serve the community if they were to implement more study areas and seminar rooms because it would give all students an opportunity to study without distractions.