Is Re-Branding Worth It?

In a previous post we highlighted the new branding for the Guelph Public Library. A few days ago this editorial cartoon from Pierre Doré appeared in the Guelph Mercury:

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A few questions arise from the re-branding and this cartoon:

Was the $30K well spent? Do libraries need to re-brand to reflect their changing role?

Is buying books the priority for any funds the library might have?

Does the fact that it’s a librarian indicating concern suggest that the professional staff are not on-board with this new branding?

Does it also suggest that librarians think libraries are just about books?

It may be interesting to contrast the re-branding initiative at the Guelph Public Library with that being considered at the Seattle Public Library; an initiative that will cost $365,000! Some commentators are very upset.


** Many thanks to Pierre Doré for allowing us to post his cartoon. In recognition, a $50 donation has been made to the United Way of Guelph Wellington Dufferin.

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