Guelph Library Project: Next Steps


Interviewer with microphoneThe #GuelphLibProject class has completed its initial research phase (scanning the literature, reviewing strategic plans, visiting the library, and hearing from Guelph Chief Librarian Steve Kraft and library expert Wendy Newman. The have posted their observations.

The majority of students were concerned about the state of the downtown library and favoured a new facility. However, almost of of them raised the issue of cost and whether Guelph citizens were truly supportive of the Library’s vision and plans.

The next phase is to identify people or groups the students need to talk with, determine the key questions and issues, and find the best ways to interact with them. The students identified four priority groups (each group has a set of draft questions and strategies to engage that group):

1. Politicians,  2. Non-Users of the Library, 3. Students (including Teens), and 4. Chief Librarians from Other Cities

and two other important groups (approaching these groups needs additional thought and planning):

5. Opinion Leaders and 6. Media

They formulated some initial questions and discussed ways to engage these individuals or groups.

A general question was identified that students might want to ask everyone:
When you hear the word “library”, what comes to mind?


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