A New Downtown Library for Guelph

As a child who grew up in a big city and have seen many different types of libraries, concludes that the current Downtown Guelph Library is poorly structured and dangerous. During the tour of the library, many unsafe areas came into my concert. For example the office space for the staff and other workers are very limited, it is very easy to bump into one and other or to simply trip on a certain object. This is very dangerous because libraries can get busy and when things get busy, safety procedures tent to be ignored. Moreover, the ceiling of the upper floor has been leaking due to the heavy rain but there are wires that are implanted within the ceiling boards. If there is a shortage in power then everyone’s life will be in danger especially that this upper floor is for children and family. These problems determine that there should be another library built but there are still many questions for the plan of building this new library.

In addition, the Director of Operations at Guelph Public Library, Dan Atkins, showed us where the archives are been placed –> in the basement. If there is a flood of some sorts then the first thing that will be destroyed will be the archives. These are the history and developments of Guelph, they are very precious. Maybe the new library can build an open space for these archives on upper floors so they will be away from danger.


Some important questions are how technologies are affecting the use of libraries of all age groups? What advertisements should be done to promote this brand new library so people will use it? Or should there be computers that have some rare software or apps installed on them? These questions should be answered before having this new library built for the community.

Promoting a library should not be a hard thing because it is a free resource place for everyone. But due to busy schedules of people or the internet these days, many people choose to stay home for conveniences. Having a program within the library will definitely be a great option for promoting for the library. The question is what kind of program, during the visit of Wendy Newman, she answered my question by talking about how huge of an affect is a children program. I can back up this thought, back in my hometown; there is a program that I manage every Saturday. My program aids the children age 6 to 12 on not only learn to read but also other creative things. Having this program drew a lot of attention of parents which leads them to visit the library frequently even on the weekdays. These parents spread the news to other parents and elders so they came to visit too.

Overall, I believe having a library space rather to study, to play, to read, to learn or simply to have a gathering brings treasurable feelings to people. Moreover, a library is a place that provides freedom to everyone, having a safe library and working area is a key to have a good library. The new Guelph Public Library should encounter these thoughts and the thoughts of the none-library users because they play a big role in this as well. If they are for this project then the others will join.

~Elaine Yao

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