Guelph Library Project

The Guelph library project is something very important to not only the employees of the current public library but the community as a whole. A library plays a big role for many people living in the town of Guelph. Coming from a town with a very nice library I have gained a good understanding on the importance of a library and how it becomes reliability for many different people. To answer the question many people are asking which is whether we should build a new one or not you must gain knowledge of what is going on in the current library and whether we are actually ready to build a new one. Finding additional information to answer this question and a main reason to build a new one is what I had to do to come to conclusion that Guelph needs a new library. Looking into the reasons this project exists is what persuaded me to agree with the town of Guelph that building a brand new library is exactly what the community needs.

The obvious question that people of the community are asking why they need to build one or why they haven’t is definitely. After gaining more knowledge on this project I have some answers for both these questions. Guelph has been so hesitant on going through with this project because of the whole money factor. The expenses to build a new one are at a price of about 50 million dollars. Yes, reading that is shocking but when you really look at what this new library is going to offer it makes more sense. The Guelph library project strategic plan is what helped me get a better understanding to why the library has this cost. Although reading is wasn’t as appealing as I thought, I got information that showed me what is behind this project. The strategic plan did help my opinion but the main reason that persuaded me to agree Guelph needs a new public library is the visit I took the current library.

Making a trip to the actual library itself was definitely an eye opener; the amount of issues I witnessed that the library is facing is shocking. Walking into the building I instantly noticed the very confined space, it didn’t have any study space which is an issue for me because that’s the main reason I use the library for. Also its safe to say that the building itself is literally falling apart, the roofs are constantly wet, the elevator is days away from breaking, there’s no washrooms on the main floor, everything in the building is old and unappealing, and the lack of computer space is definitely a huge problem. These are just a couple things that are wrong with the library but the one thing that really blows my mind is the library is not wheelchair accessible. In our communities today we want everyone to be treated fair, and having a non-wheelchair accessible community building is definitely not right. The safety hazards are also a huge problem.

After having spoken with Steve Kraft CEO of the Guelph public library he has agreed to our concerns that the current building is not safe. The library is open to the public and having an unsafe building were people go to spend there free time is not what a community building should be like. Also when speaking with Wendy Newman who has a great understanding on what libraries is all about, we got to discuss that libraries are about community development. We as town need a library that satisfies the people of Guelph’s wants. As our world is developing technologically we must do things to adapt to our life styles. An example that Wendy discussed was that people use the library to go from unemployment to employment by making resumes and handing them in. Majority of jobs are only taking online resumes now and since the library has a lack of computer space it is making it harder for people to do things such as applying for jobs. The issues with the library is not only putting peoples safety at risk but it is taking away opportunities.

In conclusion the current Guelph main public library has many issues that give numerous reasons for a new one to be built. The costs to fix all the issues add up to almost as much as the cost of building a new one. We as a community need a new library to help develop as a whole not individually. Building a new library is what the town of Guelph needs and the more support the better chances this project will be a success. To get more information we will be interviewing more people and creating surveys to get more peoples opinions on this project.








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