Downtown Guelph Library

In my opinion the library that stands right now in Downtown Guelph is not doing  its job. Guelph as a community continues to grow but that library cannot take on anymore people. The computers are limited and there are already people waiting. There’s no good work space for staff or for the public. There are too little bathrooms. No accessibility, if a person with a disability did come into their library their wheelchair might not fit into the elevator, which they would then have a human rights violation on their plate. Another concern with the current library is the espestice, in my old high school we had espestice and a lot of the former teachers have passed away for similar types of cancer probably related to the exposer to that (there was also lead in the water fountain pipes). The leaky ceiling is another issue that needs to be handled as soon as possible but with the flat roof that they have there’s a big chance of that being a constant thing they will have to continue to fix.

Steve Kraft brought a lot of interesting ideas to the table. I believe it would be a great revenue and addition to the library to have an auditorium space. I also agree with a coffee bar, or cafe added. Lots of work spaces and more computers. I do disagree with his “customers first” idea. I don’t think of myself as a customer when i go to the library, I do agree that the people using the library are to be put first that’s great to say but maybe in a different phase like “Guelph Public Library where we put YOU first” would be better. Wendy also agreed that the word customers is not suitable when talking about the community members using the library.

One of the reasons I think there has been no library built is because people like the library. The staff even said they are always busy and a lot of the community does use the facility. Also it is a big project and there are only mayors in office for 4 years so to take on a big task like this, it may not be fully completed under their watch if they aren’t re-elected.

It’s time to start reaching out to the people who don’t use the library and seeing why? They want as much of the community involved as possible and the best way to do that is by seeing why some people don’t come. When Wendy came into talk she mentioned the best people to talk to aren’t the people who use the library because they are probably pretty happy with how it is, I mean they are using it, it’s the people that don’t. There are reasons they don’t us the library and some of those reason could be put into the new plan for the library bringing more people to the library.

At the end of the day though the library that’s there is not good enough. It is going to start costing them a lot of money as the ceiling is literally falling apart and a lot of other problems. Financially it would be more cost effective to build a new library and it would be producing a lot more revenue then the little space they have now. A new library is needed as soon as possible.

-Emma MacDonald


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