The Importance of My Home Town Library

My home town is Orangeville, and there is only one library there, so it happens to be my favourite by default. Although I haven’t been there in about 8 years, I remember exactly what it’s like based on how much I went there when I was younger. It was definitely my favourite place during my childhood. There was a lot of children’s events there, including story time and arts and crafts that I loved. It didn’t matter what I was doing there, it was an amazing place to be for me. Other then school, I feel like it was the place where I learned the most, and not only in an educational sense. As I was getting old enough to make my own plans as a kid, my friends and I  found it as a great place to find any book we wanted, and hung out there a few times. However I don’t have as many memories during that time, as I lost interest in it quickly by becoming more interested in more technological “activities”. Although I know longer find myself amazed by it, it’s still a very welcoming and comfortable place to be, and I’m sure I’ll keep my memories of it for years.


Being in the busiest part of Orangeville, is often to home to many exciting community events, not just pertaining to young children, and definitely a vital part of our community in that sense. I know there are some people, like all communities, who find the library old and outdated, but there are also a great number of community members who admire it, not only for the aforementioned community event hotspot that it is, but also for the tradition and prestige that it holds as one of Orangeville’s oldest. Overall, it is definitely an important part of my home town community as a whole.


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