The Importance of a Library

My hometown library is the Mississauga Central Library and growing up my parents used to take me there all the time. As a child I did not know much about what a library actually was, I just thought of it as a place where I get to listen to people reading out these stories. As I became older my view on libraries changed I began to realize that the library was more than a place to borrow books, it was a place where communities can celebrate events together. At my local library all events are held there, they had fireworks, barbeques and even concerts for our community.

Libraries can also be useful when you want to get some studying done, it is a quiet place where lots of students go to work in groups and finish projects or to study by themselves for a exam that was coming up. Libraries give people a sense of community, that they belong there. The library is also a great place for research, not everyone has the luxury of having internet in their homes and the library offers that to the public.

I think people should always have that sense of community and libraries offer exactly that. The library has a lot of resources, books, computers, comfy chairs and a place to study. Libraries definitely have a importance in todays society.


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