The Role of the Library

My hometown library is The Aurora Public library located in the heart of downtown Aurora, Ontario. The Aurora Public library is definitely a popular place for the residents of Aurora, no matter what time of the year. A big part of Auroran`s using the public library has to do with the atmosphere itself. The library is a fairly new, large 2-story building with a modern feel to it. The ages of people that attend the library vary from toddlers to elderly people. This library has events for all ages, job fairs, and other events that bring people in the town together.

Aurora Public Library

The Aurora public library has played a very positive role in my life once I reached high school and school became important. I used this library to complete assignments with few distractions and to study in groups during exam times. The library was a perfect environment to get out and be productive with my schoolwork. I truly do believe the Aurora public library service allowed me to achieve my personal goals and had me succeed high school and be lucky enough to attend the University of Guelph. Who knows if I could of got here by studying at home with numerous distractions? The library is important special place in child learning development, and is essential to higher education and greater knowledge. The library is a place to get out and enjoy the service it provides with other members within a community and that’s why I believe they are significant today.





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