The Importance of a Library

A library is a place that has a lot of meaning behind it, and I have learned a lot about it since I was a younger child. It has not only been an important place for me to go to over the past couple years but for the majority of my life. Ever since I was a smaller child I started off using the library a place to go read all my favourite childhood books, attend movie night, and just a place to get away from home. I mean going anywhere with some sort of entertainment at a young age is something you want to do. That “fun” place for me to attend was the library. As I got older I grew an understanding on how to use all of the resources the library offered. Weather it was taking out a book I needed to read for a school project or just to go use the computers there to research random stuff in my interest. As the years kept going by I entered high school, this is where the library became a very big part of my academic life. Over the four years of high school the library was a place not only to find primary and secondary research for my projects, but a place to get away and study and just to be in peace. It was always a go to when exam time was around and when i just needed some time to get away and get work done. It for sure played a very big part in helping me succeed in my academics. The aurora public library was my hometown library which is a very big library with many different spots to sit and hangout. This is a key factor to why I would attend and helped that there was always room for me to sit and relax whenever I went. Any library in general is very important, it plays a big role in a lot of people lives. It gives people the opportunity for anyone to have a place to go to and get away, and also gives people all the resources they need. This goes to show how important it is because a library can be used by someone at any age. Overall a library means a lot to me, it has played a big part in my life and many others and provides a great amount of opportunity for anyone who wants to use it. A library is nothing but a positive factor towards any town.


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