My Hometown Public Library

I am from the great city of Hamilton and my hometown/favorite library is named Terryberry LibraryTerryberry-5. My hometown library has been a memorable part of my childhood. When I was really young (around 4 years old) my parents home-schooled me and on some days, my mom would take me on a trip to the library. I was always excited to go to the library, because it meant that I would get a new book to read or a VHS tape to watch (Magic School Bus anyone?) By taking me on these trips my mom made the library appear to be a place of seemingly unlimited stories and excitement. As I got older, my visits to the library shortened. However, when I was in my last few years high school, the library was reintroduced to me as a place not only for VHS tapes or Dr. Seuss books but a place where I could study, work on projects, hang out or find any type of resource that would be hard to find or access anywhere else. I am certain that in the future, libraries will continue to be a place of enlightenment, literacy and excitement for anyone who visits, just like it is for me.

  • H. Dwyer

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