My Hometown Library

A place taurora library2o study, read, and research, the Aurora Public Library has been a part of my life even before I learned to read. As a child, my mother would take me and my older brother to the Aurora library on a weekly basis. For us, it was a place of comfort and fun- especially since we got to spend our time in the kids’ playroom while our mom picked out a book or used a computer. Growing up, I noticed I spent less and less time taking advantage of this constructive resource my town had to offer.

My generation was exposed, at a considerably young age, to advanced, modern technology. By the time I was in grade 7, for example, almost every student in my class owned their own computer. At this point, the convenience of the Aurora Public Library was aurora libraryquestionable, to say the least. I didn’t see the point in taking a trip to the library only to spend hours of time trying to find research in books, when I could simply find anything I wanted on Google in just a few seconds. Only when I reached high school did I begin to go to the library as it promoted a quiet, focused atmosphere. The library is a place I go when I need to get something done- usually a school paper or assignment. Physically going to the library became worth it as I found myself becoming much more productive with my school work. Today, the library may not be a place I go to on a regular basis, but it is still an important resource for me and my community.

-Gill Conley

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