My Hometown Library

The library to me is a place where a community can come together as a group. When I was younger the library was a place for the everyone to gather, where we would read books, watch movies and engage with one another. It allowed us to have a place to learn, and interact with other kids around the same age. As I got older the library became less of a resource place to enjoy books, but was used as a study area. I primarily only used the library during exam time, as it was a place for me to not get distracted and be able to work on my studies. However even with using it as a study place it was still a sense of collective environment that everyone would go to so they could study as well. We would then be able to work as a communal group and share ideas. As I got older the sense of the library continued to have a meaningful place in my life as it will always be the foundations of where I learned to read, a place where I could engage with others and a focused and quiet environment.  From being young and using the library as a place to learn and connect with others it continued into my teens. The library is a place where I can have a positive learning environment and experience.


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