How I Feel About Libraries

To me, aBramalea Library library is a place where one can access information, entertainment, and social interactions all for free. I find that the concept was similar to modern day internet without the physical aspect of actually being present in a library space. When I needed information for school or just general day to day curiosity, the library was the place to access everything I would have needed. Simply going to the front desk and asking about my topic would send me in the right direction to find what I would need. When I was bored, the library was a place where I could access entertainment in a variety of forms. Whether it would have been novels, audio recordings, movies and games, everything was easily accessible and free. When it came to social interactions, there were always groups of people with like minds who would  either have been at the library during general hours or during special events arranged specifically for the purpose of meeting and interacting with like minded people. Going to these events were great for both meeting new people and making new friends.

        However, most of these examples took place in the past. Due to the introduction of modern internet and the vast amounts of information, entertainment and even virtual social interactions one can access instantly from their own home, the likelyhood of me visiting a library has diminished to a great extent as libraries are basically the same as they were in the past. However, the one thing that the internet does not have which a library does is the physical aspect of being in a library space. If I need to study, the library allows me to do so in a quiet environment with access to all the learning tools I would need. If I felt like reading, the library is one of the best places for me to go due to its quiet environment and relaxing atmosphere. Also, depending which events are taking place, sometimes I would prefer physically going to them at the library rather than entertaining myself using the internet.

        In the end, I do feel as though the library and the internet are generally the same concept, however, their popularity has been affected greatly due to time. Before the internet was readily accessible, libraries had taken a great deal of the spotlight since they provided everything I had mentioned and more easily and for free. However, after becoming more accessible, the internet, in my opinion, has shifted the need from the library as it provides almost everything faster and easier than a library can. Yet again, I do not feel as though libraries have lost their purpose, they still hold an important role of hosting a physical area for free accessibility to information, entertainment and social interactions, but, until they are changed to better suit the electronic age, I do not think that their facilities will catch my attention enough to stray me from the internet.



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