Why my hometown library was important to me?

Growing up, I would always visit the library twice a week, maybe even more, but as I got older the reasons why I would go started to change. In general, reading was always a passion of mine and I would always go to the library to read in the quiet or take out books that interested me. Once I got to high school, it was mainly the environment that really made me feel better. The peace and quiet was always something I liked when I needed to get something done. This led me to attending my public library which happened to be right beside my high school quite a bit when it came to exams. It was important to me because it was a great study place, the resources were incredible, and you would bump into people you might have not thought you would after a long period of time. What I adored about my library was that there were places beside it where teens and adults were able to go to grab a snack, this was very useful to mainly me and my group of friends when it came to studying till the evening. My favourite thing about my library was the respect that was spread all around. For me, when it comes to being in a different setting, wherever you would go, respect should always be shown and given. It meant a lot to me how people were respectful towards others when they were studying or silently reading.

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