The Importance of My Hometown Library

Vaughan Public Library
Vaughan Public Library






The Vaughan Public Library was a very important resource that I frequently used as a child. From signing out books to signing out movies to watch at home, the library was a resource that was very beneficial to me through many aspects. During my elementary school years, I did most of my research for projects and assignments by renting out non-fiction textbooks, in order to gather all my information, considering I did not own a computer at the time. By helping me research about various topics, the library allowed me to gain an immense amount of knowledge. My hometown library is also important to me because it allowed me to have access to the internet and to computers. As a child I did not own a computer until high school, therefore I would spend a great amount of time in the library, searching the web. Having access to the computers and internet allowed me to be entertained, communicate with others, and type / print important documents. My hometown library also had a wide variety of movies that all library users were able to sign out. As a child I always looked forward to visiting the library, because it provided me with a source of entertainment that I could use at home, which was very beneficial to me as a child. My hometown library was a very important resource to me and my family. My mom reads a lot of magazines, therefore we would visit the library at least once a week so that I could sign out books to read at home, and so she could sign out a wide variety of magazines  to read on her spare time. My brother loves story books and kids movies, therefore he also spent a lot of time in the library reading all the different books he could find and signed out many kids movies to watch at home. To conclude, my hometown library was very important to me because it granted me access to many things I did not have at home, it allowed me to communicate with others and expand my knowledge.

-Mohit Sekhon




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