And So We Begin….

The Guelph Library Project class has met twice now and the students are ready to start thinking about libraries and specifically about the new downtown public library.

Today I asked them:

“What was important to you about your hometown public library?”

The students are going to post short answers to this blog over the next few days [Update: here are their posts]

Some used their local library, others not so much. Some of their uses were similar, others quite different. With their posts we are building up a matrix of what libraries mean to them.

One perceptive student asked me:

“Is there an opinion about libraries and the new library that you would like us to agree with?”

The answer is NO!

This course is all about the student’s analysis and their recommendations. They will, I hope, be informed by the research and their interactions with the community. However, it is not about my ideas (biased though I may be).

I hope you enjoy the observations. And please join in the discussion at any time by commenting on the posts or using the hashtag #GuelphLibProject on social media.


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